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Triple Goddess

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Triple Goddess is the work by tattoo artist, painter, printmaker, writer and musician Joy Shannon. Named after the pagan symbol for the phases of the moon and the sacred phases of the woman’s life- the maiden, mother and crone- Joy named her practice after the symbol she tattooed the most within her first year of tattooing.

I have been a reiki practitioner/energy healer for about 20 years and, once I started tattooing, I realized I could combine both energy healing and tattooing to create intentional tattoos. I customize each ritual tattoo session with every individual I work with, to create a meaningful intentional tattoo experience that is customized and sensitive to the client’s needs, spiritual beliefs and cultural traditions. I am inspired by the concepts behind various historical tribal tattooing traditions, where tattoos are used to mark significant times in our lives, bless the body with meaningful spiritual symbols and create a healing ritual experience. Please ask for more information from me about adding this to your session.

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