Joy Shannon

Triple Goddess is the work by tattoo artist, painter, printmaker, writer and musician Joy Shannon. Named after the pagan symbol for the phases of the moon and the sacred phases of the woman’s life- the maiden, mother and crone- Joy named her practice after the symbol she tattooed the most within her first year of tattooing.  

Joy apprenticed with renowned tattoo and graffiti artist Mike Giant (pictured top left), who still continues to be a creative mentor in her artistic career. Joy’s focus in tattooing is black work and esoteric themes, much like the line contours of her printmaking work and mythological subject matter of her watercolor paintings.

During her European travels, Joy was deeply inspired by observing the work of several tattoo artists (including Kai Uwe Faust of Kunsten på Kroppen Tatovering in Copenhagen, pictured below) who maintain a sacred tribal tradition in their tattoo work, while tattooing ancient Nordic and Celtic designs. Joy has since been honoured to tattoo as a guest at Kunsten på Kroppen.


Joy seeks to combine this spiritual essence with her art style, to create the driving principle behind Triple Goddess Tattoos: “I believe giving and getting a tattoo is a sacred exchange, which is an experience I am grateful to share with my clients.”

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